Quality and safety

GOLIA lift trolleys and accessories are 100% Made in Italy, in other words they are completely conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, just a stone’s throw from Modena, whose territory is very famous worldwide for the extraordinary quality characterizing the local mechanical productions. So, it is no wonder that the planning creativity and care, the manufacturing quality and the customer service philosophy are widely in line with such culture and with the noblest Emilian craft tradition.

Our lifters are designed to respond efficiently to specific requirements. That’s why each machine, equipped with the right accessories, is able to carry out effectively the task it was designed for, guaranteeing not only handiness, practicality and easy use, but also a very long operative life.

Moreover, if applied according to the recommended specifications and for the suggested applications, GOLIA lifting trolleys can also guarantee the total operative safety and the full compliance with the current provisions regarding health and safety protection in working environments and in building yards.

In fact, as far as some specific details are concerned, we can serenely declare that our lifters exceed by far the directions of the Provisions in force. For example, about protection systems, all our models have a safety parachute system (belts duplication or mechanical inertial parachute). We have equipped all our machines with such systems, which are “standard” and not optional, because we believe that safety, written in capital letter, should never be optional (for further details please go to the “FAQ” section).

Finally, as our models are completely manufactured in Italy, we can guarantee the availability of manuals drawn up in English, which are full of details and comprehensive information, and - even though this is a most uncommon occurrence - it is also possible to have the prompt technical assistance of our qualified personnel and the immediate availability of spare parts, if any.