FEMAK has been actively collaborating with its Customers for almost thirty years to conceive, design and realize “ideas to work better”…

The tools and products realized in these years have been applied in the most varied sectors, winning much appreciation by the users and being always characterized by their uncommon attention to the specific real problems of the workers.

In fact all ideas, which have been developed and realized, result from an accurate analysis of problems, “needs” and actual “requests” of Companies and Craftsmen, from a comprehensive research and careful comparison with the offer available on the market, as well as from a detailed feasibility study, especially sensitive to the ratio between costs and benefits.

Such choice takes to utmost levels of flexibility and operative specialization by means of lifting trolleys and of elevating and/or handling accessories especially designed to meet specific targeted requirements in the best way. So, if you have ideas or requirements, which cannot find an adequate response on the market, please try and consider our range of products… or call us! We will do our best to find – together – the right solution.

The idea, once developed, is subject to a strict careful design phase and to a long process based on tests, “field applications” and progressive optimisation, always in close contact with our most trustworthy Customers.

Such accurate development phase always leads to top-quality products characterized by an exceptional quality-price ratio, which have been expressly conceived to enable our Customers to optimise the investment and work better, running fewer risks, with less effort and trouble, but always with an excellent performance.

The History of GOLIA Lifting trolleys

The first GOLIA lifting trolley was manufactured many years ago and its target was linked to a specific application, that is solving all the lifting / positioning problems related to wall boilers in the thermo-sanitary sector.

The first GOLIA (2100) lifting trolley distinguished itself already at that time for three basic features:

  • it was expressly conceived to operate “indoor” in small problematic places
  • it was the first lifting trolley to use the patented lifting system equipped with battery-operated screwer
  • it was the first lifting trolley able to solve problems caused by “difficult” positioning

The great interest shown towards the first model 2100 by the users and the high number of requests received (in particular through Internet!) pointed out immediately the presence of many other special specific requirements in the thermo-sanitary sector, which unfortunately could not find an adequate response on the market. So, in order to meet the above requirements, the new lifting trolley 3000 and 3500 were quickly manufactured one after the other…

So, since the very beginning, FEMAK has listened to and has strongly believed in people’s requests and needs, trying to develop new solutions in collaboration with the users and in response to their requirements.

Since then onwards the range of GOLIA lifting trolleys has started to involve new sectors, becoming wider and wider in order to offer “targeted” answers to special heterogeneous requests, which were – sometimes – frankly unexpected. So handling problems related to armoured roll-up shutters, doors and windows were progressively solved as well as all the problems concerning the fitting out of operating theatres, coffee bars, restaurants and holiday cruisers through the positioning and installation of suction groups, ceiling machinery, bus and heavy vehicle windscreens, bullet-proof glasses and windows

The final result gained today is a comprehensive range of lifting trolleys designed to “respond concretely to concrete requirements”, always characterized by an extraordinary flexibility and operative versatility able to face the most varied needs in the best way.