Lifting trolley 3000 COMPACT

Max height: 3.01 m
Max lifting power: 100 kg
Lifting trolley 3000 Compact

In addition to the well-known usual good qualities of all Golia lifting trolleis (lightness, strenght, handiness etc) this model is also characterized by and exceptional exclusive versatility that makes it the ideal tool in case of load lifting and moving but with very small dimensions (50x65x141 cm) and light weight (38 kg only), making easy both transport and storage even in small vehicle.

Finally, with one tool only, you can remove a load for a lorry moving it easly thanks to 2 large wheels and, at last, lift it easily and safely up to 3.01 m. height.
So Golia 3000 is an essential tool for technicians installing thermo sanitary fixtures, air conditioning, electric and ventilation systems as well as white goods installers and repairers.

Thank also to an exclusive base system you can turn this model into a handy sturdy lifter to be used in craft and industrial environments, in compliance with industrial safety provisions that are currently in force.

Other pictures

  • Rest configuration
  • Use configuration
  • Brake system


  • Manual operation
  • Operation by means of a drill-screwer

Technical features of the drill to be used:
Electric (900 W min.) drill–screwer or 14.4 V battery-operated drill-screwer equipped with:

  • Electronic RPM regulation
  • Clutch
  • Right-handed and left-handed rotation
  • Fast screwing brake
  • Idling speed 0-450/1200 RPM/min.
  • Double insulation or reinforced insulation without ground or with upstream cutout device

Application examples

  • Lifting
  • Lifting and moving goods
  • Trasporting goods

Technical features

Device net weight: 38kg
Min operative temperature: +5°C
Max operative temperature: + 45°C

Performances and application limits:

Max lifting/handling weight: kg. 100
Max lifting/lowering speed: 200g/min drill

Standard accessories

Standard accessories included in the price:

  • No. 1 instructions/maintenance handbook case
  • No. 1 reduction unit crank
  • No. 2 reduction unit coupling

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